Post-DVpit and Pinching Myself

Uh. So. Things happened on Wednesday when my tweet did much, much better than I had ever anticipated or even imagined. Last year, I got less than ten likes from different agents in total across six tweets.

This year, things were much different.

dvpit tweet

I didn’t go viral. I didn’t get national celebrity status. I didn’t make the news. But I did get all this attention for my little book. In general, I like to think that I’m a humble person, dreaming big but being realistic. Though I dream about working full-time as an author, I don’t expect to be raking in the big bucks, swimming around in cash, or having enough to throw to charity and still live more than comfortably. No, that’s SUCH an impossibility and it’s a joke for me to even consider that.

All I want to do is earn enough as an author to live comfortably. That’s it.

Sometimes it feels like a big dream because, while I’ve been middleclass and even close to upper-middleclass at one point, my family has had its ups and downs. We have debt piling up, emergencies taking away what we’ve saved, things that always got in the way of making the most of what we have. Sure, who doesn’t dream about being filthy rich?

I’m a daydreamer.

And yet I don’t like getting my hopes up.

The thing about DVpit is that it’s an amazing opportunity for marginalized creators to have their voices heard. While I wasn’t about to scroll through the tweets much, it’s clear that it is a very active. A lot of writers participated, as did agents and editors. I fully expected mine to get hidden beneath it all, just as it did before. I’ve never made it into contests or had thousands (or even hundreds) of followers to support me. I don’t have the mental and emotional capability to reach out to people every day.

My phone went off all day. Retweets, likes, comments! Agents, editors, friends, other writers, bookbloggers, and so many others! I checked my notifications briefly while I was at work, unable to fully process what’s going on aside from seeing the numbers rising. Because I work in a patisserie, I don’t have much time to use my phone and I definitely can’t ever use my laptop there. So, as all this attention was happening, I was working and thinking, No, this is ridiculous and NO FREAKNG WAY.

I didn’t fully process it until tonight when I was showing my mom what happened.

This pitch existed in several different forms since last October’s DVpit. It’s been tweaked and tweaked until it came to this version and I still wasn’t entirely happy with it but I threw it out there. I guess it worked? Over 60 agents expressed interest, over a dozen editors did as well.

What did I do? I waited until I could breathe and the names and numbers weren’t blurring from my anxiety. It felt like there was so much pressure on me, that my book was getting so hyped and didn’t even deserve it. My book? HA. My book would never be so hyped—but I was wrong.

I only hope I deserve it all.

Once I calmed down, I wrote down the names of the agents and editors by hand. I organized them alphabetically by literary agency/publishing house. And then I started plugging all this info into a spreadsheet, keeping track of what they wanted from me. And then, I decided who I wanted to query. Just like regular querying, I’m doing these in batches, but also making sure the agents I’d love to have represent me are the ones who get it first.

Now, some queries and materials are out there.

It feels like I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. Through all this, I’m relying on my friends to help me figure out my thoughts and reminding me of how amazing this all is. They’re all seeing it, so it must be real, right? It’s not a dream. Something I joked about—wow, just wait, I’m going to get SOOOOOO many likes—became real.

This happened.

I can hardly believe it.

Fingers crossed for good news to come!


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